Logging in Toolangi State Forest
Day tour around the decimated landscape of Australia’s endangered Mountain Ash forests.

FLAC / Climate justice
On the front lines against the Adani coal mine & ‘we need ya hands’ project

The Pilliga Forests are under threat from more propsed CSG mines. Plans are to clear 2,400 hectares of bushland, habitat belonging to up to 15 national threatened species and 48 threatened NSW species of flora and fauna. One of the main threats of CSG is the contamination of water aquifers, and the Pilliga is right on top of the Great Artesian Basin, one of the world's largest underground water supplies. Local farmers in would be using polluted water for feeding and irrigation should the project go ahead. Being Australia's largest food bowl means the threats extend far beyond the local community. Waste product, or grey water, sits in the open to evaporate, polluting the atmosphere, or spills (here and here) occur directly polluting the surrounding landscape.

For more info see the Stop Pilliga Coal Seam Gas, and support Protecting the Pilliga FB.



The Leard State Forest is under threat from two exisiting coal mines; work on a new open cut coal mine threatening 50% of the forest has just started. Heavy resistance from Front Line Action on Coal has stopped this mine for 18 months so far but clearing more of the forest has begun in the last weeks.
The forest has over 26 threatened and endangered species, and the water table will drop significantly in this crucial agricultural area, to list only two points why the mine shouldn't go ahead.